Ensure that:

  • You are logged on to your system and have privileges that allow you to install applications.
  • All system requirements are met, and the Oracle Java 11 LTS runtime environment is installed.
  • The JAVA_HOME path points to the JDK software on your system. For example, /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk- To verify this information, run the echo $JAVA_HOME command.
  • The Java /bin directory path is added to the PATH variable. To verify this information, run the echo $PATH command.
  1. Make a copy of the PingCentral version 1.0.1 product directory so that version 1.0.1 can be restored if the upgrade process fails.
  2. If PingCentral is running, shut it down to maintain the integrity of the H2 database file during the upgrade.
  3. Download the ping-central-1.2.0.zip file and extract its contents to a suitable location.
  4. Go to the <pingcentral_1.2.0_install>/upgrade directory and run the appropriate file:
    • For Windows, run bin\upgrade.bat "--existing=PINGCENTRAL_HOME"
    • For Linux, run bin/upgrade.sh --existing=PINGCENTRAL_HOME

    The upgrade process begins. The upgrade utility uses the extracted contents of the ping-central-1.2.0.zip file to copy and replace the appropriate information in the existing version 1.0.1 location.
    Note: When the upgrade is complete for this release, PingCentral version 1.2.0 will run from the ping-central-1.0.1 directory.
  5. Optional: To update the license file (conf/pingcentral.lic), add --license=<file> at the end of the upgrade command and specify the path to the new license.
    As the upgrade continues, a message displays that reminds you to shut down PingCentral if you have not already done so.
  6. Type yes to continue.
    A message displays that reminds you to back up your PingCentral program files.
  7. Type yes to continue.
    The upgrade continues and the system displays a message when the upgrade is complete.
  8. Start PingCentral version 1.2.0.

    • For Windows, run /<PINGCENTRAL_HOME>/bin/run.bat.
    • For Linux, run/<PINGCENTRAL_HOME/bin/run.sh, or by running the systemd service command, systemctl pingcentral-# start.
  9. Log in to the application using the following credentials:

    • Username: Administrator
    • Password: 2Federate

    Without modification, PingCentral is secure by default. However, if you want to use self-signed server certificates, root certificates, intermediate certificates, and certificates from a private certificate authorities, create a PingCentral-specific truststore and configure PingCentral to access it. Refer to Creating and configuring trust for instructions.

  10. Configure PingCentral to run as a Windows service, Linux systemv service, or Linux systemd service, if appropriate.