1. Edit the <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/data/config-store/org.sourceid.saml20.domain.mgmt.impl.DataArchiveBackup.xml file. See the following table for each property.
    ScheduledBackupEnabled When set to true, PingFederate creates a configuration archive daily if configuration has changed since the creation of the last archive. This is true regardless of the backup method used.

    The default value is false.

    BackupTime The local time at which PingFederate creates a configuration archive when the ScheduledBackupEnabled property is set to true.

    Ignored when the ScheduledBackupEnabled is set to false.

    The default value is 00:00:00, which represents midnight.

    NumTriesWithIntegrityFailure Upon the creation of the scheduled configuration archive, if PingFederate detects a configuration change during the scheduled backup process, it retries immediately. The NumTriesWithIntegrityFailure property indicates the maximum number of attempts.

    Ignored when the ScheduledBackupEnabled is set to false.

    The default value is 3.

    BackupOnAdminLogin When set to false, PingFederate does not create a configuration archive when an administrator signs on. Regardless of the value of this property, PingFederate always creates a configuration archive before an archive is imported.

    The default value is true.

    MaxOldArchiveFiles The number of older configuration archives that PingFederate keeps. When the limit is reached, the oldest file is removed.

    The default value is 25 files.

    The ScheduledBackupEnabled and BackupOnAdminLogin properties are not mutually exclusive. For example, if your deployment has 50 connections, you can enable both automatic and scheduled backup processes.


    If you have a clustered PingFederate environment, edit the org.sourceid.saml20.domain.mgmt.impl.DataArchiveBackup.xml file on the console node.