This solution has received:

  • The Department of Defense (DoD) Provisional Authorization (PA), which is issued by the DISA Authorizing Official (AO) for a Cloud Service Offerings (CSO) based on FedRAMP and additional DoD security requirements Impact Level 5 (IL5).
  • The FedRAMP High authorization to operate (ATO).

This is a managed software as a service (SaaS) solution that provides key benefits of a single tenant architecture by offering dedicated and customized environments for each customer while also providing centralized management, updates, and maintenance. The single-tenant approach ensures that organizations receive a cost-effective, secure, and efficient solution tailored to their specific needs. Some additional benefits of single-tenant architectures are:

Enhanced Security
Security is of utmost importance for compliance-focused organizations. Single-tenant architectures ensure data protection and reduces the risk of unauthorized access or breaches by maintaining separate environments per tenant.
Customization and Compliance
Single-tenant solutions offer customization options that allow compliance-focused organization to tailor the software and infrastructure to their unique requirements. This flexibility facilitates compliance with strict federal regulations and standards.
Single-tenant solutions leverage shared resources and infrastructure to deliver cost savings without sacrificing security or customization.
Centralized Management
With single-tenant solutions, the service provider handles maintenance, updates, and support. This allows compliance-focused organizations to focus on their core mission, leaving the management of their software solutions to the experts.
Scalability and Flexibility
Single-tenant solutions provide the scalability and flexibility organizations require to adjust their resources as needed. This makes it easier for organizations to adapt to changes in size or requirements without affecting the performance or stability of the system.
Expert Support
Managed SaaS providers have extensive expertise in working with federal government organizations, which ensures that they understand the unique needs, regulations, and compliance requirements associated with this sector. This specialized knowledge translates into a more efficient and effective solution tailored to the specific needs of federal agencies.

By providing enhanced security, customization, compliance, cost-effectiveness, centralized management, scalability, and expert support, managed single-tenant SaaS solutions are the ideal choice for federal government customers looking to modernize their identity and access management solution as they adopt cloud services and manage hybrid environments.

FedRamp Solutions for Government is delivered on UberEther’s IAM Advantage platform and utilizes the authorization status of the platform, but is available, delivered, and supported by Ping Identity. The IAM Advantage platform also supports other industry leaders, such as SailPoint, CyberArk, Radiant Logic, AppGate and Nok Nok. The IAM Advantage platform offers the most comprehensive and capable solution for the regulated identity and access management market.