1. Complete the following fields:
    • Subject: Enter a description of your request, including the action to be taken.
    • Environment Type: Specify the type of environment affected by this request.
    • Proposed Change Window: Specify the dates or times in which you want the work complete.
  2. From the Capability list, select PingFederate service requests > Elevate admin.
  3. In the Admin Name(s) field, provide the names of the administrators who you want to be granted the requested permissions.
  4. In the Permissions field, select all of the permissions that you want to grant to these administrators.
    • Crypto Administration: Administrators can manage certificates.
    • User Administration: Administrators can manage users.
    • Full Administration: Administrators can perform all administrative tasks.
    Note: If you want administrators to be granted different permissions, submit separate requests for each.
  5. Enter a description of your request in the Description field.
  6. If you are tracking your request within your organization, enter the tracking ID or ticket number associated with it in the Customer Tracking ID field.
  7. Click Save to submit your request.