This section explains how the upgrade works and shows you which files are added and replaced during the process. For instructions on running the upgrade itself, refer to Upgrading to PingCentral 1.3.0.

How the upgrade works

The upgrade utility uses the extracted contents of the file to copy and replace the appropriate information in the existing version 1.2.0 location.

The upgrade utility does not yet support file merging. Consequently, several files remain intact during the upgrade process to preserve customizations. These files include:

  • Database files (h2-data directory)
  • Log files (log directory)
  • Configuration files (conf/ and conf/log4j2xml)
  • Script files (bin/run.bat and bin/

The following image shows PingCentral version 1.2.0 after it has been run and the database files have been generated. It also shows which files are replaced with new files from version 1.3.0 during the upgrade process.