1. Launch your browser and go to https://DNS_NAME:9000.

    DNS_NAME is the fully-qualified name of the machine running PingAccess.


    If you have not yet installed a PingAccess license, the server redirects you to the License Upload window outside of the main UI. For more information, see the PingAccess User Interface Reference Guide.

  2. Sign on with the default username and password.
    • Username: Administrator
    • Password: 2Access
  3. Read and accept the license agreement.
  4. Change the default administrator password on the First Time Login page, and then click Continue.

    The new password must conform to the rules specified by the pa.admin.user.password.regex property in run.properties. For more information about these properties, see the Configuration file reference.

    The PingAccess administrative console opens.
After successfully signing on, PingAccess creates a backup of the current configuration to allow the administrator to revert any changes made, stored in <PA_HOME>/data/archive. You can control the number of backup files to keep using the pa.backup.filesToKeep property in the run.properties file. For more information about this property, see the Configuration file reference.

Because the backup file contains your complete PingAccess configuration, ensure the file is protected with appropriate security controls in place.