The revert-update tool accesses a log of file actions taken by the updater to put the file system back to its previous state. If you have run multiple updates, you can run the revert-update tool multiple times to sequentially revert to each prior update. You can only revert back one level at a time with the revert-update tool. For example, if you had to run the update twice since first installing PingAuthorize Server, you can run the revert-update tool to revert to its previous state, then run the revert-update tool again to return to its original state.

When starting the server for the first time after running a revert, the server displays warnings about "offline configuration changes," but these are not critical and will not appear during subsequent start-ups.

  • Run revert-update in the server root directory to revert back to the most recent previous version of the server, as shown in the following example.