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Applicable to

All, although you cannot apply the Modify Headers advice directly to a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) search.

Additional information

The payload for this advice is a JSON object. The keys are the names of the headers to set, and the values are the new values of the headers.

A value can be:
  • Null, which removes the header
  • A string, which sets the header to that value
  • An array of strings, which sets the header to all of the string values

If the header already exists, PingAuthorize overwrites it.

If the header does not exist, PingAuthorize adds it (unless the value is null).

If a payload value is an array of strings:
  • Given a header that supports multiple values, such as Accept, PingAuthorize repeats the header for each string in the array.

  • Given a header that does not support multiple values, such as Content-Type, PingAuthorize sends the last string in the array.