After you configure or reconfigure the console, you can also update cluster nodes by downloading a configuration archive from the System > Server > Configuration Archive window and then deploying it either manually or using a scripted process to the <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/data/drop-in-deployer directory on each cluster node or provisioning-failover server.

A configuration archive contains the same information sent during the configuration push from the administrative console described in Console configuration push. However, configuration-archive deployment also provides for scheduling and scripting cluster synchronization.

Runtime state-management services

If you have configured one of the following runtime state-management services on the engine nodes, you must manually migrate the configuration files to the engine nodes. The configuration files are locted at <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/conf

Configuration file and service implementation
Configuration file RPC-based service implementation
cluster-account-locking.conf Account Locking Service
cluster-artifact.conf Artifact-Message Persistence and Retrieval Service
cluster-assertion-replay-prevention.conf Assertion Replay Prevention Service
cluster-idp-session-registry.conf IdP Session Registry Service
cluster-inter-request-state.conf Inter-Request State-Management (IRSM) Service
cluster-session-revocation.conf Back-Channel Session Revocation Service
cluster-sp-session-registry.conf SP Session Registry Service