Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PF-27620 Fixed an issue that prevented the selection of the expressions source type for authentication policy contract mappings that use datastores in SP connection administrative API requests.
PF-27650 SSL server certificates and SSL certificate signing requests generated by PingFederate now comply with macOS Catalina's new restrictions, so browsers using macOS's trust store no longer fail.
PF-27678 Fixed support for unauthenticated SMTP, allowing PingFederate notification publishers to connect to SMTP servers when the usernames or passwords are blank.
PF-27723 Fixed an issue that could increase heap usage for deployments with frequent federation hub SSO workflows because the transaction state was not purged from memory on completion of the workflow.
PF-27740 When users changing or resetting their password enter a password that does not meet the policy requirements, now the form shows the password requirements instead of an error message. This issue occurred only if PingFederate was connected to PingDirectory 8.x and PingFederate enabled "PingDirectory Detailed Password Policy Requirement Messaging" on an LDAP username password credential validator.
PF-27749 Improved performance for persistent session LDAP storage.