Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PF-27043 Resolved an issue that could cause a "file does not exist" error to impact user requests when cluster replication is performed while the cluster is under load.
PF-27067 Resolved an issue causing the HTML Form Adapter not to display the custom template that is supposed to be displayed when a user clicks Cancel during the password reset flow.
PF-27076 Updated jackson-databind to version
PF-27077 Resolved an issue preventing the configurations for OAuth clients created by Dynamic Client Registration to be updated after PingFederate was upgraded. An error was displayed stating, "An updated client secret is required because one of the chosen algorithms relies on a shared symmetric secret."
PF-27097 When PingFederate sends a LDAP transaction request to a PingDirectory server, if the request specifies an intermediate client request control, then PingFederate no longer specifies that the control is critical. This change prevents runtime errors when the directory server does not support the control but is behind a proxy server that does support it.
PF-27105 Resolved an issue where some administrative console pages did not render when using Luna in FIPS 140-2 approved operation mode.
PF-27297 When an OAuth client uses the redirectless mode to initiate authorization directly through the authentication API, PingFederate no longer returns an error if the client has multiple redirect URIs or has a redirect URI with a wildcard character.
PF-27337 Enhanced certification revocation list (CRL) processing to prevent concurrent calls to the same CRL endpoint.
PF-27356 PingFederate no longer relies on an externally-hosted CSS library for font styles.
PF-27385 When PingFederate cannot find a grant, now it logs that it did not find the grant instead of logging a null pointer exception and stack trace.
PF-27422 Improved logging for signed request objects that PingFederate ignores and added a config-store flag to always process request objects.
PF-27463 PingFederate now uses defaultForLegacyConfig from the field descriptor to fill in missing field values in POST and PUT requests to the administrative API for plugins. This reduces the chance of validation errors when a new configuration field has been added to the plugin and a POST or PUT request omits the field.
PF-27504 Resolved an issue that caused the administrative console to fail when PingFederate is configured to use an external datastore for OAuth client storage but the datastore is not available.
PF-27541 PingFederate now respects the PKCE authorization request parameters from the request object.