PingFederate administrators can define and manage notification publishers, as described in Managing notification publisher instances. If those features do not meet your needs, you can develop a custom notification publisher using the PingFederate NotificationPublisherPlugin interface and the following Java packages:

  • com.pingidentity.sdk
  • org.sourceid.saml20.adapter.conf
  • org.sourceid.saml20.adapter.gui
The NotificationPublisherPlugin interface, which extends the Plugin interface, defines the publishNotification() method.
For each implementation, define the publishNotification() method, in addition to the methods described in Shared plugin interfaces. PingFederate invokes the publishNotification() method when publishing a notification. For example, you can configure PingFederate so that an account password change invokes the method.
PublishResult publishNotification(String eventType,
  Map<String, String> data, 
  Map<String, String> configuration)

The method returns the PublishResult, the status of the notification that the plugin instance sent.

For more information about the NotificationPublisherPlugin interface, see the SDK Javadocs. You can also see a sample implementation in pingfederate/sdk/plugin-src.