Screenshot of the Stored Procedure Location tab showing the Stored Procedure field.

This window appears only when you have chosen a Microsoft SQL Server datastore on the User Repository tab and the you have selected the Stored Procedure option on the SQL Method tab.

  1. From the Schema menu, select the table structure that contains stored procedure within the database.
  2. From the Stored Procedure menu, select the stored procedure needed to provision the user database.

    The database account used by PingFederate must have access to the schema in which the stored procedure is located and execute permission for the procedure.

    For the selected procedure, all parameters and their data types display in the Procedure parameters to fulfill section.

    To see a list of available attributes from the single sign-on (SSO) token, click View Attribute Contract.

    You map attribute values from the SSO token to the parameters on the Attribute Fulfillment tab.

    If the list of parameters is not current due to any recent procedure revisions, click Refresh.