Use PingOne for Enterprise to enable single sign-on (SSO) and upload configuration changes to your account.
  • To enable single sign-on (SSO) through PingOne for Enterprise, click Identity Repository Configuration.

    This is applicable if you have not yet completed the PingOne SSO configuration in the past, which would have created a managed service provider (SP) connection to PingOne for Enterprise.

  • To upload configuration changes to your PingOne account, go to the PingOne for Enterprise settings window and select Update PingOne Identity Repository, then confirm your decision.

    This is applicable if you have made changes that you should propagate to your PingOne for Enterprise account.

    For example, you are about to set up a new SAML application on PingOne for Enterprise that requires a telephone number of the user. Because the current attribute contract in the managed SP connection does not include an attribute for telephone number, you extend the attribute with a new attribute, PrimaryTelephone. After the connection is saved, the administrative console prompts you to decide whether to update PingOne for Enterprise or to disconnect from PingOne for Enterprise. In this example, you should upload the new configuration to PingOne for Enterprise so that the new PrimaryTelephone attribute is made available when you set up the new SAML application in PingOne for Enterprise.