On the Affiliation General Info tab, enter the affiliation ID information, as described in the following table.
  • To create a new SP affiliation, go to System > Protocol Metadata > SP Affiliations to open the SP Affiliations window. Click Create Affiliation.
    This is will open the Create an Affiliation window configuration.
  • On the Affliation General Info tab, enter the following information.
    Affiliation ID fields and descriptions
    Field Description
    Affiliation ID A unique identifier for this affiliation. This value serves as the Name ID qualifier for SAML assertions sent to affiliated SP partners.
    Affiliation Owner Any SAML 2.0 SP connection can serve as the Owner.

    If you imported a metadata file, this information is already supplied. However, you can change the Affiliation ID or select a different Affiliation Owner, if required.

    When finished, click Next.