1. On the Partner Metadata URLs window, click Add New URL.
  2. On the URL tab, define the metadata URL.
    1. Configure each field.
      Field Description
      Name A name of the metadata URL.
      URL The metadata URL.
      Validate Metadata Signature Determines whether PingFederate should validate the digital signature of signed metadata.

      Select the check box to verify digital signatures.

      Clear the check box to skip the signature verification process.

      This check box is selected by default.

    2. Click Load Metadata.
  3. On the Certificate Summary tab, review the certificate information.

    This is shown and applicable only when the Validate Metadata Signature check box on the URL tab is selected.

    • If the metadata is not digitally signed (unsigned), click Verify to confirm that the unsigned metadata is reachable at the time of the configuration.
    • If the metadata is signed but the certificate is provided outside of the metadata, click Import to upload the verification certificate.
  4. On the Summary tab, review the configuration. Click Done and Save.