• Ensure you are logged on to your system with sufficient privileges to uninstall an application.
  • Optionally, make a backup copy of the PingFederate installation directory <pf_install>.
  1. Verify the installation medium in Control Panel > Uninstall a Program.

    The existence of a PingFederate entry indicates a previous installation of PingFederate using the Windows installer. If there is no existing PingFederate entry, the distribution .zip file was used to perform the installation.

  2. Depending on the type of installation, uninstall PingFederate using one of the following methods.
    • PingFederate installer for Windows

      Use Control Panel > Uninstall a Program to uninstall PingFederate. Doing this removes the PingFederate service and the installation directory.

    • Distribution .zip file
      1. Open the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services management console.
      2. Right-click the PingFederate service and select Stop.
      3. Run uninstall-service.bat from the <pf_install>\pingfederate\sbin subdirectory that corresponds to your platform processor.
      4. Optionally, remove the PingFederate installation directory <pf_install>.