1. Configure one or more of the gauges described in Server availability.
  2. Configure the gauges to trigger the UNAVAILABLE status.

    By default, the gauges do not trigger the UNAVAILABLE status.

    As discussed in Endpoint Average Response Time (Milliseconds) gauge and HTTP Processing (Percent) gauge, use the dsconfig command to adjust the following values for your environment. Each system is different so you might need to adjust the values several times to determine your ideal configuration.

    1. For the Endpoint Average Response Time (Milliseconds) gauge, set critical-value.
    2. For the HTTP Processing (Percent) gauge, set both critical-value and server-unavailable-severity-level.
  3. Configure the container orchestrator to use the available-or-degraded-state endpoint to detect whether the server is alive.

    For information about the endpoint, see Availability servlet.