The impactedAttributes attribute is defined in resource/policies/defaultPolicies.SNAPSHOT. If you are using a branch created from that snapshot, the attribute already exists in the branch. If not, create the attribute.

  1. Go to Trust Framework, and then click Attributes.
  2. From the + menu, select Add new Attribute.
  3. For the name, replace Untitled with impactedAttributes.
  4. Verify that in the Parent field, no parent is selected. To remove a parent, click the delete icon to the right of the Parent field.
  5. Click + Add Resolver and set the Resolver type to Request.
  6. In the Value Settings section:
    1. Select the box next to Default value and specify square brackets with no space between them ([]) as the value.
    2. Set Type to Collection.
  7. Click Save changes.