Within the Policies and Trust Framework pages, you can copy whole definitions, policies, rules, statements, and Library entities. See the following table for page-specific capabilities and limitations.

Policy Editor page Capabilities and limitations

Trust Framework

  • You can copy any definition.
  • With the exception of resolvers, you can't copy a portion of a definition.
    • Copy the whole definition to duplicate any of its content, or manually copy the element between definitions.
  • When you copy a definition that contains child definitions, only the parent definition is duplicated.
  • You can't copy definition hierarchy trees.


  • You can copy any policy, rule, or statement.
  • You can't copy policy sets.
  • You can't copy targets, conditions, or properties within a policy or rule.
  • When you copy policies containing rules, targets, or statements belonging to the Library, these entities get reused in the new policy, not copied.
  • When you copy rules or statements within a policy, you must save the policy.


  • On the Library tab, you can copy top-level Library rules, targets, and statements.
    • You can also copy statements within rules.
    • You can't copy targets within rules.
  • You can copy Library rules and statements at their point of use.
    • When you make copies of Library entities within rules or policies, the copies display at the point of use and on the Library tab.
  • Where relevant, the copying capabilities and limitations listed for the Policies page apply to Library entities.

Trust Framework, Policies, and Library

  • You can't use Make Copy in the tree structure view.
  • You must save any unsaved changes to an entity before making a copy.
  1. To create a copy of a Policy Editor entity, click Make Copy in the hamburger menu.
    Screen capture of using Make Copy to copy an attribute in the Trust Framework.

    The Policy Editor creates a duplicate of the entity and its contents. The new duplicate's name is formed by adding the prefix [Copy of] to the original name, as in the following image.

    Screen capture of a duplicate Trust Framework attribute created using Make Copy.
  2. Optional: Make edits to the new entity.