Policy writers can use the following provided statements out of the box, and PingAuthorize Server fulfills the statements as documented:

  • Add Filter
  • Combine SCIM Search Authorizations
  • Denied Reason
  • Exclude Attributes
  • Filter Response
  • Include Attributes
  • Modify Attributes
  • Modify Headers
  • Modify Query
  • Modify SCIM Patch
  • Regex Replace Attributes

To view the set of provided statement types within the Policy Editor, click + Add Statement.

provided statement no hover list

You can hover over a statement type to view its description.

provided statement hover list

Selecting a statement type prepopulates the Description and Code fields and provides an example Payload value. Most users replace the example Payload value with one that is appropriate for their policy.

provided statement pre-populated fields

The following sections describe the statement types built into PingAuthorize Server.