1. After completing setup for demo mode, sign on to the PingAuthorize Policy Editor by going to the following URL in a web browser: https://<host>:<port>.

    Substitute the host name and port that you specified during setup.

  2. Use the following demo credentials to sign on to the PingAuthorize Policy Editor:
    • User name: admin
    • Password: password123
  3. Optional: If you set up the PingAuthorize Policy Editor to use OpenID Connect (OIDC) mode, you must also configure an OIDC provider. For more information, see Configuring an OIDC provider for single sign-on requests from PingAuthorize.

    Then, when you sign on using the URL mentioned previously, the GUI prompts you to proceed to the OIDC provider to sign on. After OIDC authentication is complete, the GUI redirects you back to the PingAuthorize Policy Editor.