The setup tool is only intended to provide the initial configuration for the server. It refuses to run if it detects that the setup tool has already been run, or if an attempt has been made to start the server prior to running the setup tool. This protects an existing server installation from being inadvertently updated in a manner that could harm an existing configuration or data set.

If the server has been previously used, and if you want to perform a fresh installation, it is recommended that you first remove the existing installation, create a new one, and run setup in that new installation. However, if you are confident that there is nothing of value in the existing installation (for example, if a previous attempt to run setup failed to complete successfully, but it will refuse to run again), follow these cleanup steps to allow the setup program to run:

  • Remove the config/config.ldif file and replace it with the config/update/config.ldif.<revision> file containing the initial configuration.
  • Remove any files or subdirectories below the db directory if they exist.
  • Remove the config/ file if it exists.
  • Remove the lib/setup-java-home script (or lib\setup-java-home.bat file on Microsoft Windows) if it exists.