PingAuthorize Server logs

View this set of logs in the PingAuthorize/logs directory. The following default log files are available on PingAuthorize Server and are defined in the following table.

Log File Description


Records information about changes made to the PingAuthorize Server configuration in a format that can be replayed using the dsconfig tool.


File-based Error Log. Provides information about warnings, errors, and significant events that occur during server processing.


Records decision responses that are received from the policy decision point (PDP). Learn more in Policy Decision Logger.


Records anything written to standard output or standard error, which includes startup messages. If garbage collection debugging is enabled, then the information is written to server.out.

Stores the server’s process ID.


Stores the timestamp, a status code, and an optional message providing additional information on the server status.


Records messages that occur during the initial configuration of PingAuthorize Server with the setup tool.


Directory that holds logs for long running utilities import-ldif, export-ldif, backup, restore, and verify-index. Current and previous copies of the log are present in PingAuthorize Server.


Records messages that occur during a PingAuthorize Server update.