You can click the Forms tab to launch the feature in PingOne. From there, you can build custom forms that will then be available for use in DaVinci. Learn more about building forms in PingOne in the Forms documentation.

You can use the Languages tab to create text for your forms in multiple languages. Learn more about language features in the Languages documentation.

You can use the Social Login tool to enable social login for your users. Learn more about using this feature in Adding social login with PingOne.

The branding and themes for the form can also be customized through PingOne. Learn more about branding and themes in the Branding and Themes documentation.

After you create a form in PingOne, you can include it in a flow using the PingOne Forms connector. Learn more about using this connector in the DaVinci Forms Connector documentation.

You can also create and manage forms through an API. Learn more about using the API in the Forms API documentation.