By default, the widget passes to DaVinci all cookies that could be presented to the origin. There can be a large number of cookies, only some of which are likely to be used for your DaVinci flows. In some cases, this can cause a 431 Error: Request Header Fields Too Large. To avoid this possibility, you can set the originCookies property.

The originCookies property is optional and accepts a string array of cookie names. Only the cookies specified will be passed by the widget to DaVinci. Set this as you would any of the DaVinci properties.


The following example won't work unless you add your region-specific information. Replace any instances of <region> with your regional top-level domain:

  • Use .com for North America.
  • Use .ca for Canada.
  • Use .eu for EMEA.
  • Use .asia for APAC.
 var props= { 
    config: { 
      apiRoot: 'https://auth.pingone.<region>/', 
      companyId: <companyID>, 
      policyId: <policyId>,
      originCookies: ["cookie-1", "cookie-2"]

To disable passing cookies from the widget, set originCookies to an empty array.