If a capability is unavailable in your environment, nodes that use that capability are indicated with warning text in the flow canvas. These nodes function normally when the flow is run so that the runtime behavior for your users isn't degraded, but they cannot be edited, updated, or added while the capability is unavailable.

A screen capture showing the flow canvas with an unavailable capability. The node displays a message that the node cannot be edited, the Add Connector menu displays the connector in grey, and the node details display a message indicating that the node cannot be edited.


Multiple conditions can cause a capability to be unavailable:

  • The flow was exported from an environment with access to a connector or capability and imported into an environment without the same access. This can occur if the connector or capability is in early access or requires a specific license or service.

  • The connector or capability is temporarily unavailable because of administrative portal issues.

  • The connector or capability is being deprecated.

Troubleshooting unavailable capabilities

If you have one or more nodes with unavailable capabilities in your environment, there are multiple troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. If you imported the flow from another environment, make sure that the current environment has the same licensing and services as the original environment.
  2. Review the connector's release notes or integration directory entry to see if it is being deprecated.
  3. Wait for 2 to 5 days to see if the issue resolves itself.
  4. Contact Ping support.

Available actions

When a capability is unavailable, you can take these actions:

  • Manipulate the node on the canvas:
    • Move the node
    • Change the lines leading into or out of the node
  • Use right-click options on the node:
    • Clone (the cloned node has the same limitation)

    • Copy (the pasted node has the same limitation)

    • Replace

    • Change Linked Connector

    • Disable

    • Delete

  • Open the node properties to:

    • See the node configuration

    • See the deprecation message if one is present

    • Open the capabilities list to select another capability from the same connector

Disabled actions

When a capability is unavailable, you cannot:

  • Edit the capability configuration
  • Add a new node that uses the capability