1. On the Instance Configuration tab, provide the required information or update any default or previously configured setting values.
    For more information about each field, refer to the following table.
    Field Description
    From Address


    The email address that appears in the “From” header line in email messages generated by PingFederate. The address needs a valid format but does not need to be set up on your system.
    Email Server


    The IP address or host name of your email server.
    SMTP Port The SMTP port on your email server.

    The default value is 25.

    Encryption Method Select SSL/TLS to establish a secure connection to the email server at the SMTPS port.

    Select STARTTLS to establish an unencrypted connection to the email server at the SMTP port and initiate a secure channel afterward.

    Select None, the default value, to establish an unencrypted connection to the email server at the SMTP port.

    SMTPS Port The secure SMTP port on your email server. Not applicable unless SSL/TLS is the chosen encryption method.

    The default value is 465.

    Verify Hostname Indicates whether to verify the host name of the email server matches the Subject (CN) or one of the Subject Alternative Names from the certificate.Not applicable unless either SSL/TLS or STARTTLS is the chosen encryption method.

    This check box is selected by default.

    UTF-8 Message Header Support Indicates whether the email server supports UTF-8 encoding in message headers; for example, in the recipient email address. Enable this option only if your email server supports this feature.

    With this option enabled, PingFederate supports UTF-8 characters in the sender and recipient email addresses. It does not support Emojis in the domain portion of the email address.

    Username Authorized email account.
    Password Password for the authorized email account.
    Test Address Enter an email address PingFederate should use to verify connectivity with the configured email server.

    Click Show Advanced Fields to review the following settings. Modify as needed.

    Connection Timeout The amount of time in seconds that PingFederate waits before it times out connecting to the SMTP server.

    The default value is 30.

    Retry Attempt The number of times that PingFederate tries to connect to the SMTP server after encountering an error.

    The default value is 2.

    Retry Delay The amount of time in minutes that PingFederate waits before trying to send an email message again.

    The default value is 2.

    Enable SMTP Debugging Messages Turns on detailed error messages for the PingFederate server log to help troubleshoot SMTP issues.

    This setting is disabled by default. When enabled, PingFederate logs email messages, which can contain sensitive information, to the server log. Consider enabling debug messages solely for troubleshooting purposes and disabling this option when debug messages are no longer required.

  2. Click Next.

You can modify email-notification template files to suit the particular branding requirements. For more information, see Customizable email notifications.