1. Use dsconfig to enable the changelog on each server in the network. Then, authenticate to the server by entering the host name, LDAP connection, port, bindDN and bind password.
    $ bin/dsconfig
  2. On the Directory Server main menu, type o to change from the Basic object level to the Standard object level.
  3. Enter the option to select the Standard Object level.
  4. On the Directory Server main menu, type the number corresponding to Backend.
  5. On the Backend Management menu, enter the option to view and edit an existing backend.
  6. Next, you should see a list of the accessible backends on your system. For example, you may see options for the changelog and userRoot backends. Enter the option to work with the changelog backend.
  7. On the Changelog Backend properties menu, type the number corresponding to the Enabled property.
  8. On the Enabled Property menu, type the number to change the Enabled property to TRUE.
  9. On the Backend Properties menu, type f to apply the change. If you set up the server in a server group, type g to update all of the servers in the group. Otherwise, repeat steps 1-10 on the other servers.
  10. Verify that changes made to the data are recorded in the changelog.