Critical Fixes

This release of the PingDataSync Server addresses critical issues from earlier versions. Update all affected servers appropriately.

No critical issues have been identified

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of the PingDataSync Server:

Ticket ID Description

Added a new property to sync classes called replace-all-attr-values- limit. The property is only used when replace-all-attr-values is true and the sync destination is an LDAP server. If a modification would replace more values of the same attribute than the value of replace-all- attr-values-limit, then the modification will use ADD or DELETE operations rather than a REPLACE operation.


Fixed an issue that could cause the server to generate an administrative alert about an uncaught exception when trying to send data on a TLS-encrypted connection that is no longer valid.


Fixed an issue where LDAP DELETE operations were sometimes not synchronized from an Oracle Unified Directory sync source, due to variations in the format of the 'targetUniqueID' attribute obtained from the Oracle changelog.


Fixed an issue with Sync server where retry ops could get the server stuck and unable to process changes at the source.


Fixed an issue in which the Directory REST API could fail to decode certain credentials when using basic authentication.


Updated the system information monitor provider to restrict the set of environment variables that may be included. Previously, the monitor entry included information about all defined environment variables, as that information can be useful for diagnostic purposes. However, some deployments may include credentials, secret keys, or other sensitive information in environment variables, and that should not be exposed in the monitor. The server will now only include values from a predefined set of environment variables that are expected to be the most useful for troubleshooting problems, and that are not expected to contain sensitive information.


The Security Guide is now available online at and has been removed from the server packaging.