Before running the following commands, be aware that you will need to do an index rebuild on the system, which requires a system shutdown, unless the command is run as a task.
  1. Run dsconfig and set the index-entry-limit to 5000. By default, the value is set to 4000. Remember to include the bind parameters for your system. Once you enter the command, confirm that you want to apply the changes.
    $ bin/dsconfig set-backend-prop \
      --backend-name userRoot \
      --set index-entry-limit:5000 \
    One or more configuration property changes require administrative action
    or confirmation/notification. Those properties include:
    * index-entry-limit: If any index keys have already reached this limit,
    indexes must be rebuilt before they will be allowed to use the new limit.
    Setting a large limit (greater than 10,000) could have a big impact on
    write performance and database growth on disk.
    Continue? Choose 'no' to return to the previous step (yes / no) [yes]: yes
  2. Stop the server.
    $ bin/stop-server
  3. Rebuild the index.
    $ bin/rebuild-index --baseDN dc=example,dc=com \
      --index cn --index givenName --index objectClass \
      --index sn --maxThreads 10
  4. View the Index Summary Statistics table, which is automatically displayed to system out after running the rebuild-index command. You can also access the table at logs/tools/rebuild-index-summary.txt. Repeat the last three steps to make more adjustments to your indexes.
  5. Restart the server.
    $ bin/start-server