1. Use the dsconfig tool to create and configure a load-balancing algorithm.
    $ bin/dsconfig

    Specify the host name, connection method, port number, and bind DN as described in previous procedures.

  2. In the Directory Proxy Server main menu, enter the number associated with load-balancing algorithms.
  3. Select an existing load-balancing algorithm to use as a template or select n to create a new load-balancing algorithm from scratch.
    >>>>Choose how to create the new Load Balancing Algorithm:    
    n) new Load Balancing Algorithm created from scratch 
    t) use an existing Load Balancing Algorithm as a template 
    b) back 
    q) quit                    
    Enter a choice [n]: n
  4. Select the type of load-balancing algorithm that you want to create. Depending on type of algorithm you select, you will be guided through a series of configuration properties, such as providing a name and selecting an LDAP external server.
    >>>> Select the type of Load Balancing Algorithm that you want to 
        1)  Failover Load Balancing Algorithm
        2)  Fewest Operations Load Balancing Algorithm 
        3)  Health Weighted Load Balancing Algorithm
        4)  Single Server Load Balancing Algorithm
        5)  Weighted Load Balancing Algorithm
        ?)  help
        c)  cancel
        q)  quit
    Enter choice [c]: 3
  5. Review the configuration properties for your new load-balancing algorithm. If you are satisfied, enter f to finish.