The changelog contains a monitor entry that you can access over LDAP, JConsole, the Administrative Console, or SNMP. Make sure that the uid=admin account has the necessary access rights to the cn=changelog backend.

  • Use ldapsearch to view the changelog monitor entry.
    $ bin/ldapsearch --baseDN cn=changelog,cn=monitor "(objectclass=*)"
    dn: cn=changelog,cn=monitor 
    objectClass: top 
    objectClass: ds-monitor-entry 
    objectClass: extensibleObject 
    cn: changelog
    changelog: cn=changelog 
    firstchangenumber: 1 
    lastchangenumber: 8 
    lastpurgedchangenumber: 0 
    firstReplicaChange: 16225:0000011D0205237F3F6100000001:5 
    firstReplicaChange: 16531:0000011CFF334C60409300000002:1
    lastReplicaChange: 16225:0000011D02054E8B3F6100000002:7 
    lastReplicaChange: 16531:0000011CFF334C60409300000002:1 
    oldest-change-time: 20081015063104Z 
    ...(more data)...