The following procedure assumes that the uncached-id2entry-cache-mode property is set to the default value, cache-keys-only. For more information on the uncached-id2entry cache modes, see the PingDirectory Server Configuration Reference.
  1. Run dsconfig to uncache entries that match the criteria. Here, the filter will uncache all entries that have its location set to "austin" (i.e., l=austin).
    $ bin/dsconfig create-uncached-entry-criteria \
      --criteria-name "Fully Uncached l=austin" --type filter-based \
      --set enabled:true --set "filter:(l=austin)"
  2. Run dsconfig to uncache attributes that match the criteria (attribute-type: jpegPhoto). The --type simple option indicates that the simple uncached attribute criteria be used to specify the attribute-type that should be uncached, which in this example is jpegPhoto. For those entries that are fully stored in the uncached-id2entry database container, the uncached attribute will be ignored.
    $ bin/dsconfig create-uncached-attribute-criteria \
      --criteria-name "Uncached jpegPhoto" --type simple \
      --set enabled:true --set attribute-type:jpegPhoto
  3. Set the uncached properties for the userRoot backend.
    $ bin/dsconfig set-backend-prop \
      --backend-name userRoot \
      --set "uncached-entry-criteria:Fully Uncached l=austin" \
      --set "uncached-attribute-criteria:Uncached jpegPhoto"
  4. Run the re-encode-entries tool to initiate a task that causes a local DB userRoot backend to re-encode all or a specified subset of the entries that it contains. The tool does not alter the entries themselves but provides a useful mechanism for applying significant changes to the way that entries are stored in the backend. The following command initiates a task that re-encodes all fully-cached entries in the userRoot backend, rate-limited to no more than 100 entries per second.
    $ bin/re-encode-entries --hostname --port 389 \
      --bindDN uid=admin,dc=example,dc=com --bindPassword password \
      --backendID userRoot --skipFullyUncachedEntries \
      --skipPartiallyUncachedEntries --ratePerSecond 100