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PingDirectory 9.3

PingDirectory 9.3
PingDirectory 9.3 (Latest)

The Delegated Admin GUI provides a summary of attributes for a resource. For example, the user and group resource profiles show a summary.

By default, a resource's summary shows all required attributes and all search attributes for the resource. However, you can explicitly set the items to include in the summary.

If you configure any attributes to appear in the summary, the default selection does not appear.

To configure an attribute to appear in the summary, either use dsconfig to set the include-in-summary property or use the PingDirectory administrative console to select the Include In Summary check box.

For a given resource, configure each attribute to include in the summary.
  • Use dsconfig.

    Use the set-delegated-admin-attribute-prop subcommand, where <name_of_type> is the resource type and <type_of_attribute> is the name of an existing attribute for the given resource.

    $ bin/dsconfig set-delegated-admin-attribute-prop \
      --type-name <name_of_type> \
      --attribute-type <type_of_attribute> \
      --set include-in-summary:true

    The following example includes the cn attribute in the summary for the users resource type.

    $ bin/dsconfig set-delegated-admin-attribute-prop \
      --type-name users \
      --attribute-type cn \
      --set include-in-summary:true

    To remove an attribute from the summary, use the same command but change true to false.

  • Use the PingDirectory administrative console.

    1. Sign on to the PingDirectory administrative console.
    2. From the Configuration page, click REST Resource Types.
    3. To edit a resource type, select it from the Name column.
    4. Go to the Delegated Admin Attributes section.
    5. To edit an attribute, click the Pencil icon.
    6. Select the Include In Summary check box.

    To remove an attribute from the summary, clear its Include In Summary check box.