The SCIMSyncDestination object defines a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)SCIM An application-level, HTTP-based protocol for provisioning and managing user identity information. SCIM supplies a common schema for representing users and groups and provides a REST API. 1.1 service provider Sync Pipe destination that is accessible over HTTP through the SCIM protocol. It is configured with the following properties:

  • server – Specifies the names of the SCIM External Servers that are used as the destination of synchronization.
  • resource-mapping-file – Specifies the path to the scim-resources.xml file, a configuration file that defines the SCIM schema and maps it to the LDAPLDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) An open, cross platform protocol used for interacting with directory services. schema. This file is located in <server_root>/config/scim-resources.xml by default, and it can be customized to define and expose deployment-specific resources.
  • rename-policy – Specifies how to handle the rename of a SCIM resource.

The SCIM Sync Destination object is based on the SCIM SDK. Before configuring a SCIM destination, review the following documents on the Simple Cloud web site:

  • SCIM Core Schema