Transformations are required to change SCIM data types to LDAP syntax values. The following pre-defined transformations can be referenced by the transform XML attribute:

  • com.unboundid.scim.ldap.BooleanTransformation. Transforms SCIM boolean data type values to LDAP Boolean syntax values and vice-versa.
  • com.unboundid.scim.ldap.GeneralizedTimeTransformation. Transforms SCIM dateTime data type values to LDAP Generalized Time syntax values and vice-versa.
  • com.unboundid.scim.ldap.PostalAddressTransformation. Transforms SCIM formatted address values to LDAP Postal Address syntax values and vice-versa. SCIM formatted physical mailing addresses are represented as strings with embedded new lines, whereas LDAP uses the $ character to separate address lines. This transformation interprets new lines in SCIM values as address line separators.
  • com.unboundid.scim.ldap.TelephoneNumberTransformation. Transforms LDAP Telephone Number syntax (E.123) to RFC3966 format and vice-versa.

You can also write your own transformations using the SCIM API described in the following section.