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PingDirectory 9.3

PingDirectory 9.3
PingDirectory 9.3 (Latest)

All Ping Identity servers expose performance data through the cn=monitor distinguished name (DN).

Performance issues occur when data is read, either directly by an LDAP client, or by enabling either the Stats Logger or Stats Collector plugins.

The Stats Logger plugin reads the configured monitors and writes the resulting values to a .csv file. The Stats Collector plugin also reads the configured monitors and writes the resulting values to a .csv file, but this file is made available for LDAP clients in cn=metrics DN. The Stats Collector .csv files are suitable for use by the PingDataMetrics server, and contain one metric value per line.

The Stats Logger and the Stats Collector plugins are both disabled by default. When enabled, each of these plugins adds an approximate 3% CPU utilization penalty, plus a negligible amount of disk I/O and Java virtual machine (JVM) heap usage.

To enable the Stats Collector plugin, run the following dsconfig command:
$ bin/dsconfig set-plugin-prop --plugin-name "Stats Collector" \
  --set enabled:true
The monitored-servers tool enables the Stats Collector plugin on the monitored server.