• To get information about the account’s password policy, run the manage-account tool.
    $ bin/manage-account get-all \ 
      --targetDN uid=user.1,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com
    Password Policy DN: cn=Demo Password Policy,cn=Password Policies,cn=config 
    Account Is Disabled: false 
    Account Expiration Time: 
    Seconds Until Account Expiration:
    Password Changed Time: 19700101000000.000Z
    Password Expiration Warned Time: 
    Seconds Until Password Expiration: 1209600 
    Seconds Until Password Expiration Warning: 0 
    Authentication Failure Times: 
    Seconds Until Authentication Failure Unlock: 
    Remaining Authentication Failure Count: 3 
    Last Login Time: 
    Seconds Until Idle Account Lockout: 
    Password Is Reset: false 
    Seconds Until Password Reset Lockout: 
    Grace Login Use Times: 
    Remaining Grace Login Count: 0 
    Password Changed by Required Time: 
    Seconds Until Required Change Time: 
    Password History: