The Server SDK provides support for creating several different types of extensions for Ping Identity server products, including the PingDirectory server, the PingDirectoryProxy server, and the PingDataSync server. Some of those extensions include:

Cross-Product Extensions
  • Access Loggers
  • Alert Handlers
  • Error Loggers
  • Key Manager Providers
  • Monitor Providers
  • Trust Manager Providers
  • OAuth Token Handlers
  • Manage Extension Plugins
PingDirectory Server Extensions
  • Certificate Mappers
  • Change Subscription Handlers
  • Extended Operation Handlers
  • Identity Mappers
  • Password Generators
  • Password Storage Schemes
  • Password Validators
  • Plugins
  • Tasks
  • Virtual Attribute Providers
PingDirectoryProxy Server Extensions
  • LDAP Health Checks
  • Placement Algorithms
  • Proxy Transformations
PingDataSync Server Extensions
  • JDBC Sync Sources
  • JDBC Sync Destinations
  • LDAP Sync Source Plugins
  • LDAP Sync Destination Plugins
  • Sync SourcesSync Destinations
  • Sync Pipe Plugins

For more information on the Server SDK, see the documentation available in the SDK build.