To view the object classes on your PingDirectory server, use any of the following:

  • The Administrative Console Schema Editor
  • LDAP with the ldapsearch tool
  • A third-party tool

The Schema Editor displays all of the object classes on the PingDirectory server instance. It shows the basic properties that are required elements and the extra properties that are allowed within the object class.

To view object classes over LDAP:

  • To view an operational attribute, run ldapsearch.

    This example uses ldapsearch to view the multi-valued operational attribute objectClasses, which publishes the object class definitions on the PingDirectory server.


    The attribute is stored in the subschema subentry.

    $ bin/ldapsearch --baseDN cn=schema --searchScope base \ 
    --dontWrap "(objectclass=*)" objectClasses
    dn: cn=schema
    objectClasses: ( NAME 'top' ABSTRACT MUST objectClass X-ORIGIN 'RFC 4512' )
    objectClasses: ( NAME 'alias' SUP top STRUCTURAL MUST aliasedObjectName 
      X-ORIGIN 'RFC 4512' )
    objectClasses: ( NAME 'country' SUP top STRUCTURAL MUST c 
      MAY ( searchGuide $ description ) X-ORIGIN 'RFC 4519' )
    ...(more output)...