Replication conflicts occur when an incompatible change to an entry is made on two replicas at the same time. The change processes on one replica and then replicates to the other replica, which causes the conflict. While most conflicts resolve automatically, some require manual action.

To fix replication conflicts, initialize the replica containing the conflicts with the data from another replica that does not have conflicts. If the database is large and the number of conflicts is small, and the command includes the Replication Repair Control specified by OID value, run ldapmodify against the server with the conflict. The Replication Repair Control prevents the change from replicating and enables changing operational attribute values, which are not normally writable.

The following tasks use the Replication Repair Control to fix replication conflicts and apply change only to the server with the conflict. There are two examples provided to fix replication conflicts: one for fixing a modify conflict using the ldap-diff tool and the other for fixing a naming conflict.