You can use the PingDirectoryProxy server to configure different types of health checks for your deployment. The health checks define external server availability as either being available, unavailable, or degraded. The external server health is given a value from 0 to 10, which is used to determine if the server is available and how that server compares to other servers with the same state. Load-balancing algorithms can be used to check the score and prefer servers with higher scores over those with lower scores.

An individual health check can be defined for use against all external servers or assigned to individual external servers, as determined by the use-for-all-servers parameter within the health check configuration object. If use-for-all-servers is set to true, the PingDirectoryProxy server applies the health check to all external servers in all locations. If use-for-all-servers is set to false, then the health check is only employed against an external server if the configuration object for that external server lists the health check.

For more information about health checks and the type of health checks supported by PingDirectoryProxy, see About LDAP health checks.