A simple element has the following XML attributes:

  • dataType: a required attribute specifying the simple data type for the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)SCIM An application-level, HTTP-based protocol for provisioning and managing user identity information. SCIM supplies a common schema for representing users and groups and provides a REST API. attribute. The following values are permitted: binary, boolean, dateTime, decimal, integer, and string.
  • caseExact: an optional attribute that is only applicable for string data types. It indicates whether comparisons between two string values use a case-exact match or a case-ignore match. The default value is false.

A simple element contains the following XML element in sequence:

  • mapping: an optional element specifying a mapping between the SCIM attribute and an LDAPLDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) An open, cross platform protocol used for interacting with directory services. attribute. If this element is omitted, the SCIM attribute has no mapping and the SCIM service ignores any values provided for the SCIM attribute.