ABS provides external REST APIs which are used to access JSON reports providing deep insight into the following:

  • Attack Forensics and Compliance Reporting – attacks and anomalous behavior on APIs
  • API Metrics – API client and traffic details
  • Administrative – ABS system information
  • API Security Enforcer – decoy API, blocked connections, flow control, and backend error reporting

A REST client can securely query each ABS API and receive data back in JSON format. REST client program options include using:

  • Postman App for Google Chrome browser
  • Java, Python, C Sharp, or similar languages.
  • Java client program (for example, Jersey)
  • C sharp client program (for example, RestSharp)

The diagram shows the process for a REST API client to connect to an ABS API.

ABS API query format

ABS API offers a common format with a consistent syntax for request parameters. Detailed information and format of all ABS REST APIs are included in ABS external REST APIs.

Query parameters for most APIs include:
Field Description
api_name The API name to query for results.
earlier_date The time to check for results going back in time. For example, to check results from 10th April, 6 PM to 14th April, 3 PM, the earlier_date would be 10th April, 6 PM.
later_date The time to check the results back in time. For example, to check results from 10th April, 6 PM to 14th April, 3 PM, the later_date would be 14th April, 6 PM.

The following access_key and secret_key are the keys that were defined in the abs_init.js file. Note that ":" (colon) is a restricted character and cannot be used in access and secret key.

  • x-abs-ak and x-abs-ak-ru: access_key
  • x-abs-sk and x-abs-sk-ru: secret_key
Note: The start and end time are based on the log file data, that is, the local time where data was captured and not of the location where results are analyzed.