PingIntelligence for APIs provides a Docker toolkit to create Docker images of PingIntelligence components and MongoDB. The Docker toolkit can be run on either RHEL or Ubuntu machines. The supported versions are, RHEL 7.9 or Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS.

The Docker toolkit provides information on environment variables available for the PingIntelligence components, and an example Kubernetes .yaml file for automated deployment of PingIntelligence in Kubernetes environments. For more information on using the .yaml file, see PingIntelligence Kubernetes PoC.


Download the following PingIntelligence components, tools, and open source modules:

  • Download products:
    • PingIntelligence ASE 5.0
    • PingIntelligence ABS 5.0
    • PingIntelligence Dashboard 5.0
    • MongoDB 4.2.0
    • OpenJDK 11.0.2 to 11.0.6
    • Kibana 6.8.1
    • Elasticsearch 6.8.1
  • License:

    Obtain valid PingIntelligence for APIs license files from Ping Identity sales team.

  • Download the correct ASE binary based on the base image you want to create.
  • Download the correct MongoDB 4.2.0 binary based on the Docker image you want to build.