The following table lists the variables that you can set for ABS.

Variable Description


Port for ABS to ASE and REST API to ABS communication. The default value is 8080.

mongo_username and mongo_password

MongoDB username and password. The default username is absuser, and the default password is abs123.


If you are running all the PingIntelligence components on the same instance, keep the MongoDB cache size to a maximum of 25% of the system memory. If you are running MongoDB on a separate instance, keep the MongoDB cache size to a maximum of 40% of the system memory.


Default value is true. PingIntelligence deployment ships with a default self-signed certificate. Setting it to false establishes non-SSL connection between ABS and Mongo.


Set it to true if you want to verify MongoDB SSL server certificate when ABS connects to MongoDB. The default value is false.


Make sure mongo_ssl is set to true before setting mongo_certificate_verify to true.


Name of the MongoDB replica set. Default name is absrs01.


The number of hours that you want to train the AI model before it moves to the prediction mode. Default value is 24 hours.


Memory size in MB allocated to run machine learning jobs. Recommended to be at least 50% of system memory.

access_key and secret_key

The access key and secret for the admin user. For more information on different ABS users, see ABS users.


":" (colon) is a restricted character and not allowed in access key and secret key.

access_key_ru and secret_key_ru

The access key and secret for the restricted user. For more information on different ABS users, see ABS users.


":" (colon) is a restricted character and not allowed in access key and secret key.


The password of the Java KeyStore (JKS) Keystore. The default password is abs123.

Email default settings

Configure the following settings:

  • enable_emails: Set it to true for ASE to send email notifications. Default value is false.
  • smtp_host and smtp_port
  • sender_email: Email address used from which email alerts and reports are sent.
  • email_password: Password of sender’s email account.
  • receiver_email: Email address at which the email alerts and reports are sent.

CLI admin password

The default value for CLI admin is admin. To change the password, you need the current password.


Sets the mode in which AI engine sets the thresholds for the AI models. If set to true, AI engine sets thresholds at a lower value. It should be set to true only for a proof-of-concept deployment.


Make sure to take a backup of the abs-defaults.yml file on a secure machine after the automated installation is complete.

The following is a sample abs-defaults.yml file.

  # Define ports for the PingIntelligence ABS
  # Make sure ports are not same for single server installation
  management_port: 8080
  # Mongo DB User and password
  mongo_username: absuser
  mongo_password: abs123
  # Define cache size for MongoDB (% of total RAM).
  # MongoDB will be configured to use this percentage of host memory.
  mongo_cache_size: 25
  # Communication between mongo and ABS
  mongo_ssl: true
  # Mongo DB Server Certificate Verification
  # Set to true if Mongo DB instance is configured in SSL mode and you want to do the server certificate verification
  # By default ABS will not verify the MongoDB server certificate
  mongo_certificate_verify: false
  # Mongo replica set name
  mongo_replica_set: absrs01

  # Duration of initial training period (units in hours)
  # This value will be set in the mongo nodes
  attack_initial_training: 24

  # Memory for webserver and streaming server (unit is in MB)
  system_memory: 4096

  # Access keys and secret keys to access ABS
  access_key: abs_ak
  secret_key: abs_sk
  access_key_ru: abs_ak_ru
  secret_key_ru: abs_sk_ru

  # Password for ABS keystore
  jks_password: abs123

  # Configure Email Alert. Set enable_emails to true to configure
  # email settings for ABS
  enable_emails: false
  smtp_port: 587
  email_password: password

  # CLI admin password
  current_admin_password: admin
  new_admin_password: admin

  poc_mode: false

To change the default system memory in file of ABS:

  1. Go to the software directory.
  2. Untar the ABS binary by entering the following command.
    # tar –zxvf pi-api-abs-5.0.tar.gz
  3. Edit the config/ file to change the default value of system_memory to 50% of host memory.
    # vi pingidentity/abs/config/

    For example, if host ABS system has 16 GB of memory, set the value to 8192 MB.

  4. Save the file.
  5. Tar the ABS binary and save it with the same file name (pi-api-abs-5.0.tar.gz) in the software directory by entering the following command.
    # tar -czf pi-api-abs-5.0.tar.gz pingidentity/abs