Access the PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard from a browser at this default URL: https://<pi_install_host>:8030 .


There are two pre-configured login users in PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard :
  • admin
  • ping_user
Multiple users can share the admin and ping_user logins simultaneously on PingIntelligence Dashboard. The admin user has access to all PingIntelligence Dashboard functions. A ping_user can only view all the API dashboards.
At the login screen, login as admin or ping_user. The default password for both the users is changeme.
CAUTION: You must change the default password for production deployments. However, in a Docker PoC deployment use the default password.
You can change the password using the following CLI command.
# <pi_install_dir>/webgui/bin/ -u admin update_ui_password --username -value <admin or ping_user> --new-password -p
Enter admin password > <current admin password> 
Enter new password > <new password> 
Reenter new password > <new password>
success: password updated. 
Note: If the Dashboard is not accessible, check if the default port (8030) was changed by your system administrator.
PingIntelligence Dashboard is categorized into the following components:
  • Main Dashboard - Available for admin and ping_user
  • APIs - Available only for admin user
  • Discovered APIs - Available only for admin user
  • Attack Management - Available only for admin user
  • License

Session management

The PingIntelligence Dashboard allows you to configure the maximum number of active sessions. You can set the pi.webgui.session.max-active-sessions parameter in the <pi_install_dir>/webgui/config/ file to limit the maximum number of allowable active sessions. The default value is 50.

Delete active sessions- You can delete active sessions using the following CLI command. The current active users will be prompted to re-login in to the Dashboard.
# <pi_install_dir>/webgui/bin/ -u <username> -p <password> delete_sessions
Note: You need to have Admin user privileges to delete active user sessions.