The Dashboard provides a near real-time snapshot of your API environment. It provides insights on user activity, attack information, blocked connections, forensic data, and much more. The Dashboard makes periodic REST API calls to the ABS (API Behavioral Security) AI engine, which returns JSON reports that are used to generate visualizations and API metrics. The following illustration shows the data flow for API dashboard.

To view the API dashboard, click on Dashboard. The Dashboard provides information on the following::
  • Global metrics like:
    • Blacklist across APIs for each client identifier. For more information, see Interactive blacklists.
    • Total attacks across APIs
    • Total requests across APIs
    • Number of APIs in your environment
  • Time series visualization of total number of requests and attacks. For more information, see Dashboard time series.
  • Data on Per API activity. For more information, see Per API activity.
  • Data on attacks across APIs. For more information, see Cross API attacks and recently discovered APIs.
  • Forensic reports across APIs. For more information, see Forensic reports.
  • Recently discovered APIs in the environment.