This guide describes the installation and execution of PingIntelligence for APIs software in a Docker environment for inline and sideband deployment. The automation script imports and installs the Docker images. A script is run to generate normal API traffic to train the AI engine. After training is complete, another script is run to send a mixture of normal and attack traffic. The guide then explains how to access a graphical dashboard which shows activity on the test environment and detailed reporting on the API activity.

This Docker Evaluation Guide provides instructions for deploying a test configuration as shown in the diagram. The docker setup can be deployed in an inline mode where the client traffic directly reaches ASE. It can also be deployed in sideband mode where the API traffic reaches the API gateway and the API gateway sends the request to ASE. For more information on sideband and inline deployment, see Sideband ASE and Inline ASE.
PingIntelligence Docker PoC setup
Note: The Docker images provided are only for evaluation purpose of PingIntelligence for APIs product. They should not be used in production deployments or for setting up environments for security testing.